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Monday, July 13, 2009

Celebrity Style: Lindsay Lohan's Hip Handbags

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Lindsay Lohan is known for many things including her penchant for mega expensive bags. Her most recent splurge, the Chloé Paraty in blue python, is priced just short of $4K. With mind-numbing prices like that, it's nice to see that the embattled starlet has less expensive taste in handbags as well. Over the past few weeks, Lindsay has been seen with three different bags perfect for the young and chic and all priced under $1000. Now that's style many of us can afford to emulate.

Lindsay started out her "urban" trek with the CCSkye Janey Bag. This chain fringe-accented hobo ($650) is certainly an attention grabber (wonder why she picked it ;-). Lilo opted for the black hobo with gold chain fringe, but I prefer the grey distressed leather version with silver/black fringe. HOT, HOT, HOT! She followed up her fringe bag with the studded Linea Pelle Dylan Bowler ($575). The soft black leather and light gold hardware are a winning combination. This is a great roomy bag that provides both style and function. It may be edgy, but it's mainstream enough to appeal to women with other style preferences.

The last bag we have to talk about is not a new selection for Ms. Lohan. Lindsay has already worn the Alexander Wang Donna Hobo before. That time she chose the blue denim washed leather version of the popular design. This time Lindsay is sporting the 'Donna' in black washed denim leather instead. I prefer the all black leather rendition of the Donna Hobo, but I know many readers have already expressed an interest in Wang's denim-looking leather bags. The Alexander Wang Donna Hobo is the most expensive of the three bags featured at $820, but still under the daunting $1000 mark most women dread to cross. If you share Lindsay's style, these three bags are certainly worthy of your attention. I'm definitely lusting after the Linea Pelle Dylan Bowler, but that CCSkye Janey Bag is a close second.


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