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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Celebrity Style: Tamara Mellon and the Jimmy Choo Ksenia Clutch

Tamara Mellon isn't exactly a "celebrity", but the woman is responsible for one of the most amazing designer shoe companies in the world so let's show her some respect. Al least I'm not talking about a reality star, right? OK, OK, I'll move on now. The former British Vogue accessories editor (and my personal idol) pulls off a leather dress and punk rocker bag like nobody's business. I'm pea-green with envy at how good she looks. Only a woman responsible for some of the hottest accessories on the planet would know exactly how to incorporate such a style-specific bag into her wardrobe. The bag in question is the much buzzed about Jimmy Choo Ksenia Clutch, and Tamara has wisely chosen to flaunt this design well before it's even available in stores.

This black, elaphe snakeskin bag with suede fringe accent is not for everyone, and its $2500 price tag makes certain it never will be. I won't lie and say I wouldn't mind owning this punk purse. Of course I would, but we're talking about a rather small 8 x 6 x 6 clutch/shoulder bag that's not exactly versatile to begin with. Even fans of this look would be hard pressed to spend such a large amount on a bag like this when they could invest in the look by another designer labels and for considerably less money. So unless I open my door and find the 'Ksenia' inside a Jimmy Choo labeled box sent to me courtesy of Ms. Mellon herself, this is one thrill I and many others will just have to learn to live without.

Pre-order the Jimmy Choo Ksenia Clutch for $2495 via

Tamara Mellon photo via Celebutopia


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