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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Celebrity Style: YSL Roady Hobo

Katy Perry photo: Celebutopia; Mary-Kate Olsen photo:

So who do you think wore YSL's latest "must-have" bag best? Personally, I'm giving my vote to Mary-Kate because her outfit is more casual yet looks hip and dressed up by the YSL Roady Hobo. Katy's dress is so flirty and demure that the large black leather glam hobo clashes with her girly style. But who cares what these celebs look like, right? Let's get to talking about the bag.

This version of the YSL Roady (the plain red or black textured leather versions are now available for $1395 via sports a large hidden chain (ala Chanel) that serves as trimming along the edges.
The leather exterior is smooth and smooshy, and its large size makes it a great option for an everyday bag as Mary-Kate clearly demonstrates in her photo. The hidden chain 'Roady' will retail for $1950 (contact YSL Bal Harbour 305-868-4424 for more details), but I have to say that the textured leather versions I mentioned before are just as appealing. The simplicity of the 'Roady's' shape is what it's all about. It's best to allow the subtle details and incredible leather speak for themselves.


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