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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Celine Dimitri Medium Python Hobo

Pinch me 'cause I've died and gone to heaven. Could there be anything more exquisite than sublime grey python on a gorgeous bag with silver hardware and fringe accents? If there is, I can't picture it at this moment. All I can imagine is the Celine Dimitri Medium Python Hobo perched a top my welcoming shoulder. When the great Phoebe Philo, Celine's new creative director, gave a "thumbs up" on this design, she was affirming what many in the fashion world already know - she is the cat's meow. This bag is all about opulance and sophistication with a modern flair and classic appeal. Even with the fringe detailing, the Dimitri Hobo would never look dated. Python, dated? I think not. The fact that the fringe is limited to the front side edges and are the same length as the bag makes all the difference. If the fringe had been hanging from the bottom or past the bottom edge, it would've killed the bag. Instead, the fringe works beautifully and shows the rest of the designer handbag world how to achieve perfection when interpreting trends. The interior is equally posh with a satin lining and suede trim. Plenty of small pockets are included to keep your knick-knacks in check. A gem-embellished fold-over strap closure adds the final touch to this stunning creation. Now brace yourselves, ladies. The price is just as stunning as the bag itself, if not more. The Celine Dimitri Medium Python Hobo will set you back $4200. What can I say, I love the bag and give it my stamp of approval in spite of its heart attack-inducing price tag. If you can afford this beauty (or have a defribulator handy), the Dimitri Pyton Hobo can be found at Net-A-Porter. It's currently out-of-stock, but bookmark the page and continue to check back to see when they'll replenish their inventory.


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