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Friday, July 24, 2009

Diane Von Furstenberg Marisa Draped Wrap Hobo

I won't lie and say I'm a die-hard fan of DVF bags because I'm not. With the exception of the Wrap Bag, and only a few interpretations of it at that, I can't think of any DVF bag that would really warrant a second look. My lukewarm feelings for the iconic label's handbag collection is disappointing because I love their clothes. The handbags seem like an afterthought, not an integral part of their collections. The bags aren't part of a cohesive line, and therein lies the rub. When a bag is done to cash in on the designer bag craze and doesn't receive the attention it deserves, that really irks me. This DVF Marisa Draped Wrap Hobo is a great example of what's amiss with DVF accessories.

The draping along the front and rear of the Marisa Wrap Hobo is interesting, but not compelling enough to make me go out and buy it. Even the stud detailing on the shoulder straps appear to be mere add-ons as opposed to an important aspect of the overall design. I would've preferred varying sized and shaped studs interspersed along the entire exterior for a more 'rocker chic' look. DVF does this successfully on their Belle Clutch from the fall runway show (pictured), so achieving the look is possible. The 'Marisa' simply falls short of my expectations. It could've and should've been a much better bag. The fact that it's priced at $595 is its only saving grace. At least they were wise enough to not attach a ridiculous price tag to it.

Diane Von Furstenberg Marisa Draped Wrap Hobo available in black or dark purple leather via Neiman Marcus

Runway photo:


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