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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fall 2009 Top 10 "Must-Have" Bags

Summer is well under way, but all bagistas have on their mind is fall - as in fall handbags. While there are still plenty of bags left to be revealed, the web is really starting to pick up steam in keeping up with our insatiable demands. So what should you as a discerning handbag lover look for this fall. Expect to see a plethora of metallic finishes as well as urban designs with biker chic accents. You can still count on having plenty of classic styles at your disposal, but even the classics are getting rather intricate make-overs. It's all about the details this fall, ladies. From studs to fringe to zippers and even origami, there is something for everyone. Even comfort and function are making a strong comeback within the designer handbag market. Combination styles and convertible bags are all the rage, and we are the deserving recipients of all the latest innovations.

With these trends in mind, I've compiled a list of the top 10 "must-have" bags for the fall. The bags that made this list are ranked in no particular order. My selections were based on several factors - style, materials, relevance, function and pricing. Every trend is represented in this list, so everyone can find at least one bag that will suit their individual style.

1. Marni Wave Bag

The stylish combination of classic elegance and modern detailing make the Marni Wave Bag an absolute must-have bag for the fall. The Wave Bag comes in several shapes and colors and ranges in price from $1725-$1800. Available this July via Marni's virtual store or in Marni stores worldwide.

2. Alexander Wang Coco Duffel

There's no need to explain why this bag made the list. No other bag has caused as much of a stir in the fashion world as the Alexander Wang Coco Duffel. Is this 'biker chic' textured leather bag worth all the hype? Uh, yeeeeesssss. You don't need to walk around in leather pants to pull this bag off. Pair it with a simple LBD and you're good to go. Priced at $850, it's a great deal on a fabulous bag. Available thru BarneysNY,, and Net-A-Porter (and I use the term 'available' loosely.

3. Bulgari Debra Hobo

Granted, not everyone is familiar with Bulgari bags. In fact, most women think of Bulgari in terms of jewelry and watches, but their bags are absolutely spectacular. The timeless quality of a Bulgari bag, like the Debra Hobo, is something every discerning bagista with a classic sense of style can appreciate. If you don't believe me, head over to your nearest Bulgari boutique and test drive one of their bags for yourself. I'm certain you'll become an instant fan. The Debra Hobo is priced at $1650 and comes in chestnut brown, opal blue, and basic black. Available exclusively at Bulgari stores. Call Bulgari Bal Harbour (305-861-8898) for more details.

4. Marc Jacobs Kasia Bag

Intricate detailing and a classic satchel shape make the Marc Jacobs Kasia the most exciting design to come from this visionary designer in some time. The cut leather "patternless" pattern used throughout the exterior is an exquisite example of how to update a timeless shape in a way that won't seem dated a few seasons from now. The Kasia comes in several colors and is priced at $1750. Contact Marc Jacobs Bal Harbour (305-864-2626) for additional information on available colors and ordering details.

5. Chloé Romane Bag

The Chloé Romane Bag hasn't received much buzz, but that doesn't mean it isn't worthy of our attention. The details on the Romane, from the buckle-accented front pocket to the stylish and sturdy top handles, are thought out and well executed. It's spacious but not imposing and can be incorporated into several personal styles with relative ease. The Romane Bag comes in over 6 different colors and is priced at $1960. Call Chloé Bal Harbour (305-861-1909) to inquire about availability.

6.Sang A River Tulip Tote

If you're looking to add a logo-less bag with top notch construction and intricate detailing to your collection, their is no question the Sang A River Tulip Tote is the bag for you. This classic square tote has modern touches with classic appeal. The tulip-like eel skin petals found throughout the River Tulip Tote's exterior never overpower the design, and that's exactly how it should be. This is a solid investment bag for the fall and for the entire year. Opt for a neutral color like the tan version pictured here. Retails for $2156 via Sang A's website.

7. Tod's New D Bag

It was a "no-brainer" decision to add a Tod's Bag to this list. Derek Lam's re-styling of Tod's classic New D Bag is subtle and spectacular all at once. The handles receive some added strength with wider bases and the overall shape is more relaxed and casual. These are rather unremarkable changes, but to a Tod's enthusiast, they make all the difference. Prices range from $1345 to $1445 depending on the size and finish. Contact Tod's Bal Harbour (305-867-9399) for details on how to order the New D Bag and which colors are available (get the grey version, it's TDF!).

8. Botkier Rio Satchel

In this upcoming season filled with 'biker chic' bags, no other designer label interprets the trend better than Botkier. Heck, they practically invented the refined biker bag. The Rio Satchel is a testament to Monica Botkier and her design team's eye for strategically placed detailing. The 'Rio' is the very pinnacle of chic urban design, and it's no surprise Botkier is the creative force behind it. This moderately-priced bag ($495) is equipped with practical pockets and a roomy interior as well as sporting some of the yummiest leather on a bag this fall. Available in basic black at

9. Fendi Peek-A-Boo Satchel

Fendi's mega-successful Peek-A-Boo Satchel will always make my list of "must-have" bags whether it's spring, summer, winter or fall. This timeless, structured bag can be dressed up or down depending on your personal style, and it'll always look perfectly in place. You can pre-order this grey/tan leather version for $1980 via

10. Be&D Kan Kan Clutch

The Be&D Kan Kan Clutch is a flirty and, yes, edgy portfolio-shaped clutch. Its large size and detachable leather/chain strap will convert the Kan Kan to a stylish shoulder bag. Let's not forget to mention the pressed stud detailing and feminine ruffles that make this design a fun option for the more serious fall season. The grey version pictured here retails for $595 via Be&D's website, but there are other colors just as appealing as this one.


2 Responses to "Fall 2009 Top 10 "Must-Have" Bags"
  1. Anonymous said...
    Wednesday, August 05, 2009

    hi dania,

    what size do you prefer in the tod's new d-bag, especially for someone who is @5'4" with a petite frame? i realize the price difference of @100 isn't too great, but what would look better and/or be more practical?

    thank you!

  2. Dania Padron said...
    Wednesday, August 05, 2009

    I would usually answer this question by saying that many bags, even large bags, can look great on smaller frames if carried properly. For instance, large totes and hobos can swallow up petite women while a large satchel or structured shoulder bag is more easily pulled off. Color is also an important factor. A large black bag, for example, is a tougher color to get away with than an ivory or light tan on the same bag. Which brings me to your specific question. Money is not an issue here because, as you pointed out, the difference is minimal. So this boils down to size and coloring. In my opinion, the larger size (which is about 16" inches wide if I recall correctly) can work on your body type if (1) you require a large bag to store lots of stuff and (2) if you keep it in a cool color like tan or gray. The detachable strap always gives you the option of carrying it on the shoulder, but this bag looks better on the crook of the arm. The smaller piccola is not "small" so if you're OK with a bag that's about 12" wide, it could certainly work well for you too.

    Of course, nothing beats trying on a bag. Go to Saks if you have one nearby and try it on. I literally make bi-monthly trips to Saks and Neiman Marcus just to test drive bags. Thank goodness I have patient SA's.

    Hope this helps.


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