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Friday, July 17, 2009

"Miami Social": Please Don't Watch This Insulting Show

I know this is a website devoted to fashion and, specifically, handbags. However, this is the only voice this Miamian has to speak out about, well, anything, so I'm going to use it now. After watching the first episode of Bravo TV's Miami Social, I was left dumbstruck and unimaginably embarrassed. If you happened to be one of the 650,000 that were unfortunate enough to watch MS, let me apologize to you on behalf of the real citizens of Miami because this "reality" program in no way, shape, or form represents us.

Let's start out with a few clarifications. Once and for all, South Beach is NOT Miami. Miami Beach, which includes the enclave known as SoBe, is a completely separate city from Miami. It's a tiny section of Miami Beach where there are plenty of hotels, shops and restaurants as well as the infamous night clubs and beaches. Another clarification, folks. I've never heard of any of the cast members of Miami Social with the exception of Katrina Campins who I remember from the first season of The Apprentice. These people are the ultimate movers and shakers here? Uh, no. Like I said, never heard of them and no one I know has ever heard of them.

Miami is just a regular city where most of us work day in and day out to pay our bills and support our families. The city has grown over the past 50 years thanks to a large influx of emigrants from Cuba, Nicaragua, Haiti and countless other Latin American and Caribbean countries. When Maria, the blond photographer on MS, claims Miami is a tough city to raise a daughter in, I literally busted out laughing. Perhaps SoBe isn't an ideal setting for raising children (especially if their mother is out clubbing all night), but Miami is just fine, thank you very much.

To say that I and many Miamians are sick of being unfairly stereotyped is a gross understatement. We've gone from being portrayed as gun-toting, drug-smuggling criminals to being viewed as nothing more than vapid, plastic surgery-loving libertines. I, for one, am appalled this show is even on the air. All I can ask of any of you is to not watch this idiotic and insulting program. If you want to know what Miami and its people are really like, send me an e-mail and I'll be happy to relate a day in the life of yours truly.



3 Responses to ""Miami Social": Please Don't Watch This Insulting Show"
  1. Michael St. James said...
    Friday, July 17, 2009

    couldn't agree with you more! i've never been to miami, but i know exactly how you feel. my family is from new york and when i watch shows like nyc prep and the real housewives of new york...i can't help but laugh at how unrealistic and embarrassing the casts are.

  2. Dania Padron said...
    Friday, July 17, 2009

    I was hesitant to write about this because I wasn't sure this was the proper forum to do so, but, heck, it's my site so who's to tell me I can't ;-)

    I challenge Bravo or any other network to do an actual "reality" show with real people not people that are in it to get exposure, a book deal or their next husband.

    I've never been around people that had the unmitigated gaul of saying "Get that fat girl away from my table". World, please know that, for the most part, Miamians are not vain people.

    Thanks for the support, Michael.

  3. Anonymous said...
    Sunday, July 26, 2009

    Completely agree. I just saw a re-run today and had to vent! What a pathetic bunch of over-indulged losers! With those kinds of friends, who needs enemies?

    Katrina, you've got great legs, but damn, don't bring my city down along with your panties.

    Maybe we should boycott the establishments pictured in the show?

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