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Monday, July 27, 2009

Nancy Gonzalez Studded Python Tote

Please excuse me while I take this moment to faint straight away. The Nancy Gonzalez Studded Python Tote has my head swimming in a sea of exotic-skined goodness. I can't really elaborate too much about this design. It's perfect. That's all there is to it. Grey python is used on the front and rear panels while crocodile is placed on the sides and handles to allow for maximum comfort and flexibility. The python-covered studs are used up and down the front sides, and the results are breathtaking. A detachable strap as well as outer and inner pockets round out this incredibly well-appointed luxury bag. I've always had a "holy grail" of handbags I hope to get my hands on one day, but this Nancy Gonzalez design is coming in at a very close second. You can purchase it thru for a mere $4200 (including VAT, minus shipping) or €2.958,00. I'll have to get a tad creative with my personal handbag fund to swing this one. I'm off to crunch some numbers...


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