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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Valentino Nuage Hobo: Trash or Treasure?

When I came across this new rose pink version of the Valentino Nuage Hobo, I was immediately reminded of Pepto-Bismol. Not exactly the image you'd want in your head when looking at an expensive designer bag, but what can I say? The bag's color is just the absolute wrong shade of pink. Something paler or bolder like hot pink would have worked fine, but this hue is horrid. I couldn't possibly shell out nearly $1000 for a bag that reminds me of anti-diarrhea medication. Sorry, can't do it. This doesn't mean I'm against the 'Nuage'. On the contrary, I love the design, and, apparently, so do many Miamians because I see that bag everywhere down here.

Let's recap, shall we? I love the bag, hate the color. This puts the Valentino Nuage Hobo in rose pink in the trash pile for me, but I'd like to here other opinions about this color. Do you agree with me, or are you feeling the Pepto-Bismol color. Is this Valentino bag trash or treasure?

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