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Monday, August 24, 2009

Botkier Angie Fringe Hobo

My initial thoughts about the Botkier Angie Fringe Hobo involved pulling off the fringe accents leaving this as a yummy chocolate-colored, croc-embossed hobo. Slowly (I mean sloooooowly), I began to warm up to the fringe. I realized it wasn't as hideous as I first thought it was. In fact, the fringe elevates the entire design from being just any other faux finished bag to a chic, trendy hobo.

What I like most about the way this design was executed is how, even with the fringe, the bag doesn't look "hippie" or "bohemian" in style as so many other fringe-accented bags do. The chain insets on the top handles and the croc-embossed leather certainly help achieve the polished look the 'Angie' possesses, but, in the end, it's the subtle nuances of handbag design that really pull this look off. The ruching on the front pocket, the slightly structured shape of the bag and the spacious, well-appointed interior all come together in a rather sophisticated manner.

I'm not surprised that Botkier is responsible for the Angie Fringe Hobo. This is one of the only labels that can actually do fringe and keep it from looking sloppy and cheap. Me likey this hobo very much. Kudos to Botkier for making fringe look so appealing.

Botkier Angie Fringe Hobo available for $695 via Neiman Marcus


1 Response to "Botkier Angie Fringe Hobo"
  1. Michael St. James said...
    Monday, August 24, 2009

    I don't like fringe or mock croc...but I find this bag strangely appealing?!? Probably for all of the reasons that you mentioned! The chocolate color is gorgeous and it doesn't look boho sloppy like most bags with fringe benefits!

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