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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dautore Leather Linking Strap Hobo

I've always admired Dautore bags for being completely out of the ordinary. Sometimes, I will concede, their designs can provoke some serious head-scratching, but even these less than stellar attempts are better than what some established labels are pedaling without shame. The Brazilian label's recent crop of bags signals a slight shift in the label's aesthetics. Their signature detailing is still ever present - supple leathers, slouchy shapes and minimal to no hardware. However, it seems Dautore has "softened" over time allowing for more mainstream designs. When I've received e-mails from readers asking about Dautore, they nearly always comment on how beautiful the bags are, but a bit too fashion forward for everyday use. The great thing about a bag like the Dautore Leather Linking Strap Hobo is its ability to appeal to a broader spectrum of handbag lovers while still remaining true to its label's design philosophy.

This casual hobo is a modern take on femininity. The softness of the bag's shape stands in sharp contrast to the intricate leather linked shoulder strap. The large 17 x 12 x 6 size keeps it from feeling dainty, and provides tons of practical storage space that makes it a fabulous choice for almost any occasion. The natural shade is a perfect foil for fall's darker color palette and ideal to use once spring comes around again. The bag is priced at $580 which is a steal for this modern classic. My compliments to Dautore for making such affordable, chic bags. Brazilians really do have a keen understanding and appreciation for handbag design.

Available via Bloomingdale's


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