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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Marni Wave Clutch

It's no secret I'm an avid fan of Marni's latest handbag line. The Wave Clutch is exactly what jaded handbag lovers like me need to get enthusiastic about designer bags again. It's modern, elegant and a refreshing alternative to the rest of the clutches out there. The crisp, white calf-skin leather is a great option on a cold winter's day when paired with dark-colored clothes. It's roomy, but not unbearably large. Because the pleating is concentrated along the sides and bottom edges, the Wave Clutch is very forgiving when it comes to storing your essentials. It can fit a wallet, cell phone, keys and a small make-up bag comfortably. Heck, some regular bags aren't designed to do as much as this design is. In addition, the brushed gold-tone turnlock closure reveals a dual zippered top that's so convenient when you want to access only one side of the bag without fumbling through the entire interior.

On another note, I think it's appropriate to address a concern many of you have regarding white bags. Worrying about getting a white designer bag dirty is a legitimate and, until recently, forbidding concern, but times have changed. Don't limit your color choices in fear of ending up with a grubby bag. There are plenty of bag spas available to keep your bags looking and feeling as pristine as the day you bought them. I've used these services on several occasions and only have great things to say about how practical and life-saving they truly are. If you care to find out more about bag spas, read our post on handbag services for more details. Now put all hesitation aside, and get the Marni Wave Clutch.

Marni Wave Clutch available for $865 via Net-A-Porter


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