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Friday, August 14, 2009

Michael Kors 'Heidi' Collection

I would imagine it's an absolute honor to have a designer bag named after you. I know I'd give anything to have one named after me. Sometimes a designer's decision to name a particular bag or line of bags after someone comes from a sense of gratitude or inspiration. Jean-Louis Dumas named the Hermés Birkin after famed British actress, Jane Birkin, when she expressed her desire to have a sophisticated leather travel bag. Marc Jacobs named the iconic 'Stam' bag after fashion model and muse, Jessica Stam. Now Michael Kors bestows the honor on friend and fellow Project Runway co-star, Heidi Klum.

The Heidi Collection is comprised of simple yet chic shoulder bags, satchels and clutches all aimed at capturing the German model's beauty and sophistication. The common design thread running through this collection is the use of buckle detailing to gather folds of leather along the edges. The end results are sublime but never boring. As more of Kors' 'Heidi' collection sees the light of day, we as handbag lovers can appreciate how this fairly casual design can be transformed from classic to fabulous from color to color and finish to finish. You can choose from a simple black leather clutch or a jazzy metallic gunmetal version perfect for a night out on the town. Add a brass colored satchel to spruce up your fall wardrobe or opt for a more traditional espresso brown textured leather rendition you can use for many seasons to come. The appeal of Michael Kors' Heidi collection is the casual simplicity of its detailing and the inherent versatility of its design. I'm sure Heidi Klum is proud to have been the inspiration for such a collection as photos of her carrying her namesake bag demonstrate.

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