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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Valentino Petale Hobo

Not many women I've spoken to are fans of Valentino's Petale bags. "The detailing is too large for the bag" is the complaint I hear most often. I won't argue that point, I'll just say I happen to like the large "petale". Until now, that is. It looks fabulous on a tote and softens a framed bag, but on a hobo? Uh, ick! It kills me not to like the Valentino Petale Hobo. The bordeaux color of the bag is divine and perfect for fall, but this is one instance where the large leather petal is too overpowering for the design. Another thing, the petal detailing blends in with the shape almost to the point of becoming insignificant. The design is a contradiction in and of itself. I just can't embrace it. If they happen to release the Petale Tote in this rich color, I'll be in heaven. For now, I'm disappointed with this effort, but eager to see if Valentino can redeem themselves with a more cleverly executed design.

Pre-order the Valentino Petale Hobo for $2395 via


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