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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Halston Henry Suede Clutch

I have a soft spot for all things "70s". The disco decade reminds me of my childhood, my mom, and some serious good times. Even though the fashions were at times ghastly and over-the-top, some designers made the 70s look and feel chic. No other designer embodied the care-free 70s better than Halston. His clothes were required attire for social gatherings or at clubs like Studio 54. It isn't surprising that his sophisticated, relaxed aesthetic is now en vogue once more. I've been satisfied with the latest crop of clothing from the legendary label, but the bags have left me wanting. Until now, that is.

I am seriously loving the Halston Henry Suede Clutch. From New York to L.A. to South Beach, this stylish clutch will get you noticed wherever you go. I'll concede the long strap is not for everyone particularly when carried over the shoulder, but there are plenty of women I know that could pull this bag off with relative ease. It's really all about the attitude, and this bag has it in a rather subtle manner. The dark blue suede exterior is gorgeous, and the square, pewter links around the end of the long tonal strap are the perfect decorative touch. It's an oversized clutch, so fitting your evening essentials will be a breeze.

There's a zebra-print ponyskin version of the Henry Clutch which is pretty horrid, so steer clear of it. Dark blue suede is the way to go for fall. You can purchase the Halston Henry Suede Clutch for $1395 thru Net-A-Porter. Over $1000 for a suede clutch is steep, but this bag is all about style. I'm willing to fork over some extra cash for a throw-back design that is this good.


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