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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Celebrity Style: Rihanna's Dior Resort 2010 Shoulder Bag

Who would figure Rihanna goes for the "ladies-who-do-lunch" look? Well, it's more of a psychotic lady who does lunch, but at least she meant well. The hat and gloves were overkill, but her Louboutin heels and crocodile shoulder bag are nothing less than spectacular. I'm absolutely in love with her demure and sophisticated Dior bag. This design, part of Dior's Resort 2010 collection, is a style Dior will be pushing on the fashion world in a big way. I'm glad we saw its debut on someone like Rihanna. It just proves what a bag can do for an outfit and a person. The classic look of the fold-over flap and rich, exotic-skinned exterior are spruced up with silver and tortoise hardware accents. There are other less appealing versions of this bag which should come as no surprise to handbag lovers accustomed to seeing designers ruin a good thing fast. So skip the wonky animal print renditions and snatch up a simple leather or exotic version as soon as they arrive at the Dior boutiques. I can only imagine these will be quite expensive, but the design is divine and worthy of a hefty price tag. Timeless style is priceless.

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