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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Barneys Baxter Twist Strap Bowler

Time to focus on a chic, simple, sturdy work day handbag priced under $1000. The Barneys Baxter Twist Strap Bowler is just that and a bit more. Although the bag's overall classic style can come across as "boring", it's the little details like the twisted straps and dual drawstring side pockets that give this design the visual appeal it desperately needed. The 'Baxter's' large size makes it an ideal work bag, but the detailing helps it serve many purposes. In need of a travel bag? Look no further than this Barneys creation.

In case you're wondering, BarneysNY bags are very well made. These aren't through away designs, but rather thoughtful and very practical offerings for women that appreciate the quality of designer handbags but not their hefty price tags. The Baxter Twist Strap Bowler is available in black and sabbia (brown) for $750 via BarneysNY.


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