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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Donna Karan Café Racer Tote

I can't get over how sophisticated this ultra-modern Donna Karan design is. It can be a tall order for a designer to deliver modern silhouettes with lots of detailing and still maintain a level or refinement usually found on more classic bags. The folks at Donna Karan have stepped up to the plate, accepted the challenge and created one gorgeous, drool-worthy bag.

The Café Racer Tote has officially made it onto my list of "must-have" bags. It's a comfortable design crafted from ecological lamb leather (not quite sure what they mean by that?!?) with wide, flat top handles and a plethora of storage pockets on the exterior of the bag. These pockets, from an asymmetrical zippered pocket featuring a gold-tone jeweled pull tab to the more intriguing patch pockets achieved through several layered cut outs, serve as the bag's visual focal point.

There's a satchel version of this bag, but I prefer the elongated tote over the satchel's stunted shape. I can only offer Donna Karan a round of "virtual applause" for this design. It's a real beauty.

Donna Karan Café Racer Tote available in slate (pictured) or black for $1295 via Bergdorf Goodman


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