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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Katherine Kwei Kate Carry-all Tote

It's been some time since I took notice of a Katherine Kwei bag, and there's a very good reason why. How many knotted cord bags can one woman really need, right? The designer, known for her innovative designs and celebrity clientele, was churning out more of the same, season after season. Then I came across the 'Kate' Carry-all Tote and realized Katherine is finally evolving her design abilities and reaching an entirely new audience. With its simple shape and basic exterior, the 'Kate' relies on subtle but edgy detailing to garner interest. Contrasting wrap-around lambskin leather straps with buckle accents and Kwei's signature knotted cords are appealing and a fresh approach to using the design elements that made Katherine's bags a hit. This roomy carry-all is a perfect travel bag. You can fit all your daily essentials inside as well as a few magazines or documents if need be. Note the exterior is cotton canvas, hence the rather inexpensive $475 price tag. The grey/black version is my personal favorite, but the brown/black combo isn't bad either.

Katherine Kwei Kate Carry-all Tote available via


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