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Monday, November 9, 2009

Lanvin Amalia Cabas Tote

Sometimes a bag can literally make you giddy with excitement. In my case, this can happen multiple times a day every day of the week. My current state of euphoria was brought on by the vivid colors of the Lanvin Amalia Cabas Tote. There's nothing quite as striking as a red bag, and this Lanvin design, a simple one at that even with the chain straps and ribbon detailing, serves as an excellent canvas for such a sumptuous hue. Not to be outdone, the deep violet version of the 'Amalia' is equally enticing, but on a more subtle level. I've seen the all black 'Amalia' quite often, and it did absolutely nothing for me. However, these two options are calling out to me and luring me in with their siren song. I'm definitely tempted to answer their call. The diamond-patterned quilting over the supple lambskin leather exterior is a timeless touch while the chain straps and bow accents are more trendy. All in all, the Lanvin Amalia Cabas Tote is a solid design with enough thought put into it to give it the staying power shoppers are searching for in designer bags. You can find the 'Amalia' in black, as I mentioned before, as well as ecru or grey in case you're scared off by too much color. I'd recommend living a little, throwing caution (and about $1600) to the wind and adding the glorious red or violet renditions to your collection. If you do, I can promise you'll feel as giddy as I do.

Lanvin Amalia Cabas Tote in red (pre-order) or violet available via Bergdorf Goodman


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