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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Meet Señora Cartera's New Contributor: Mary Jo Matsumoto

One of the very first designers I ever featured on Señora Cartera was our newest contributor, Mary Jo Matsumoto. The creative talent responsible for one of my all-time favorite, eco-friendly designs, the timeless Infinity Clutch, as well as the woman behind style blog, Trust Your Style, will now be sharing her considerable knowledge and impeccable style with all of you.

It's one thing to listen to someone like me when it comes to choosing a bag. I'm more like that pesky, know-it-all friend that always tells it like it is. I know bags, especially designer bags, but I'm certainly no designer. That's where Mary Jo's unique experiences as a handbag designer will aid all of us in deciding how to spend our money wisely. She's seen the entire process through from an artistic as well as a business standpoint. I know you'll find her reviews insightful and relevant. That's what Señora Cartera is all about.

I'm beyond thrilled to have Mary Jo Matsumoto on board. I hope you'll help her feel welcome here by commenting on her posts. Be sure to visit Mary Jo's site, Trust Your Style, to read more of her musings, and check out her bio on to find out just how talented our newest contributor is.

Welcome, Mary Jo!


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