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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Be & D Woodstock Leather Shopping Bag

It's official. I'm over the whole "studs" trend. Not that it's going anywhere anytime soon. Designers, even the ones you'd figure never going near these rocker-inspired embellishments, are splashing them all over their accessories. Just because I'm tired of studs doesn't mean I can't appreciate a great bag that happens to have a few of them for decorative purposes. Take this Be & D Woodstock Leather Shopping Bag, for instance. The last thing I noticed about the design were the giant cone-shaped studs on the shoulder straps. Really. I was far more interested in the yummy distressed black leather exterior, side belted detailing and well-appointed, suede-lined interior. It's the perfect bag for day-to-evening use, and a safe option for those of you that haven't done "studs" yet. OK, that sounds a little dirty, but you know what I mean.

Be & D Woodstock Leather Shopping Bag available for $895 via


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