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Friday, December 4, 2009

The Burberry Nova Heart Tote Thinks It's A Dooney & Bourke Bag!

The folks at Burberry have gone and lost their collective heads. Seems they're confusing their accessories with something from Dooney & Bourke. For the life of me, I can't imagine why any high-end, reputable designer label would ever want to place hearts all over their bags. And that's on top of the already busy nova check design Burberry is famous for. This is just plain ridiculous, but I suppose it makes a nice gift for that 13 yr old girl in your life. Notice where the straps attach to the bag - the patent leather is shaped like a heart as well. How sweeeeeet!!! It's enough to give me a cavity. Blah.

Keep in mind this is, in the end, just a coated canvas bag. At $650, the Burberry Nova Heart Tote is expensive and over-priced. Shave $150 from the price tag and use the rest to get yourself the MARC by Marc Jacobs New Groovee Q Satchel I featured earlier today. At least it's leather and won't be confused with a Dooney & Bourke design.

Burberry Nova Heart Tote available thru Burberry's website


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