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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Celebrity Style: Sarah Jessica Parker The New Face of Halston?

Here's a peek at the new SATC2 movie poster. As I was reading my daily bookmarked websites, I came across this blinged-out poster for what is sure to be another fabulous SATC entry which is set for a Memorial weekend 2010 release. The poster showcases Sarah Jessica Parker clad in a bright white Halston Heritage dress with a pair of Louboutins on her feet and a stunning Chanel clutch in hand. We saw this outfit back in September when filming began in NYC, but just look what a little photoshopping can do. AMAZING!

Speaking of Halston, if reports circulating throughout the fashion world are to be taken seriously, SJP could be the new face of Halston's Spring 2010 Heritage collection campaign. I'm sure the offer is lucrative enough to appeal to the actress, and what great timing for the enbattled label to have its collection tied to the advertising extravaganza for the movie. I think SJP and Halston are a perfect match. She will certainly do Roy (Halston) proud.



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