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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Celebrity Style: Sarah Jessica Parker Loves Her Diane De Maria Bonnie Bag

In less than a week, Sarah Jessica Parker has made certain everyone with working eyeballs knows how much she loves her pink Diane De Maria Bonnie Bag. Whether it was promoting her new film with Hugh Grant or out running errands in NYC, Parker had her 'Bonnie' bag in tow. At a glance, the design doesn't look particularly unique, but a closer look reveals just how amazing it can be when art and handbag design come together.

Diane De Maria, granddaughter of famed french painter Pierre De Maria, uses her grandfather's iconic artwork as the background for her classic handbags. Her own experience as a painter as well as an appreciation for classic bags from her grandmother's heyday, gave rise to the Diane De Maria handbag collection. Sarah Jessica Parker is sporting a pink patent leather version of the 'Bonnie', a doctor bag silhouette that's been around long before any of us were even born. Notice how nicely Pierre's artwork blends into the design. No need to make it compete for attention with the bright color of the bag. The etched design is willing to wait until someone comes up close and realizes there's something more to the bag itself. In addition to the intriguing art, De Maria uses industrial-looking hardware to accentuate and modernize her classic bags.

I can understand why Parker found Diane De Maria's bags interesting. They're sophisticated, retro-looking yet modern and chic - all the things that make up SJP's personal style.  You can purchase De Maria's designs at Outlet 7 (646-602-2807) in NYC. Her bags will run you just around $1800 and come in several attractive colors. Browse De Maria's Fall/Winter 2009 collection here and here to get a true feeling for the beauty of her designs, particularly the etched artwork.


SJP photos:;


2 Responses to "Celebrity Style: Sarah Jessica Parker Loves Her Diane De Maria Bonnie Bag"
  1. Linda said...
    Tuesday, December 22, 2009

    Cheap Juicy Couture
    The color of the bag is to vivid and she seems really confident with that pink handbag. It's lovely and I myself wanted to have that bag in my hand. But the color doesn't suit her. She's not a 16 year twee-tum girl. She must choose a color that fitted her age. A black, white or a skintone color would be the best.

  2. Anonymous said...
    Friday, January 15, 2010

    The bag is available by special order only at Beyond7 Boutique for $1512. It is a limited edition and only 50 will be produced in the entire world. to order call (646)-619-6857.

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