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Monday, December 14, 2009

Marc Jacobs Fluo Tweed Clutch

When people ask me why I have such a "love/hate" thing going on with Marc Jacobs, I can simply show them a photo of his Fluo Tweed Clutch as an example of why. How is it possible the same talent responsible for producing the caliber of handbags we just saw for MARC's spring 2010 collection be capable of designing stuff like this? The mix of patent leather, tweed and gold-stained jewel-colored stones(?) is a visual atrocity. I swear it looks like something I made when I was 12 years old and held serious aspirations of becoming a handbag designer, and the end results of my attempt were far better than this bag. You can carry it as a shoulder bag or oversize clutch, but the best place for the Fluo Tweed Clutch is at the bottom of a trash can. Sorry, Marc. I can't let you get away with stuff like this when I know perfectly well you are capable of creating brilliant designs. So, on a serious note, stop pushing the envelope so much. Sometimes being over-the-top is a way of masking your insecurities, and you, sir, have no need to be insecure about your artistic abilities. I'm willing to overlook the content of your silly spring collection if you promise to behave come fall. I'll be watching you mijito!

Marc Jacobs Fluo Tweed Clutch available for $995 via Net-A-Porter


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