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Monday, December 14, 2009

Pre-Fall 2010 Preview: Part 1

There are times when pre-fall collections produce fabulous handbags. While next year's collections were filled with gorgeous frocks and functional work wear, my heart skipped a beat or two when I gazed upon this ultra-sophisticated design from Diane von Furstenberg. Yep, the very same designer I ragged on mercilessly  for a less than stellar spring 2010 collection is giving us what is sure to be a "must have" bag. When I wished DvF luck on her next collection, I had no idea she'd strike handbag gold. This design, similar to the YSL Majorelle, is a stylish option for both work and play. Notice how the modern top handles compliment the bag's vintage vibe beautifully. I'd dare say this is a chic, more youthful execution than the 'Majorelle'. If DvF can keep the cost on this one low enough, I'd bank on it being a major seller for her brand. I'm so happy she shifted gears from that spring line and focused on tailoring her accessories for a more urban clientele (no offense to the bohemians out there ;-)

Switching to apparel, I've selected some of my favorite looks from the collections. This divine Donna Karan dress is enough to get me to the gym while Oscar de la Renta's classic take on what boils down to an embroidered housecoat makes me appreciate the iconic designer now more than ever. My favorite look, by far, comes courtesy of Alexander Wang. I am beyond amazed with his modern work wear. The mixing of a shear white tunic and what amounts to half of a vest is inspired and fashion-forward. Love it to death!

And yet, there is no denying from browsing the pre-fall collections that Karl Lagerfeld remains king of fashion. His Asian-inspired collection is fierce, feminine and fantastic. Who'd figure Lagerfeld going for thigh-high boots? How very retro of him. The Kaiser is still the bomb. I just wish he'd shut his trap about women and their weight. He comes off as a jerk when he expresses his rather ignorant and prejudiced opinions on the subject.

I'm working on bringing you some additional looks and, of course, bags that are worthy of attention. Stay tuned for part 2 of my pre-fall 2010 preview.

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