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Thursday, December 10, 2009

YSL Elephant-Embossed Easy Y Bag


Apparently, I spoke to soon. This thing is now available at a reduced price (of course) on Let's keep our fingers crossed there are only limited quantities of the bag available so a handful of women need suffer the ugly fate of owning it.

I can just imagine the conversation that took place at YSL when they were discussing how to update their successful "Easy Y" design:

-So, ladies and gents, it's time to offer our faithful clientele newer versions of their favorite Easy Y Bag. What can we do?

-How about exotic finishes?

-That's a great idea. Exotic finishes are always in style and we can drive up the prices beyond our wildest dreams! What else can we do?

-We can do versions in bolder colors?

-Fantastic idea. Those bags will definitely appeal to our younger base. C'mon, guys, think. What else can we do to really spice up this design?

-I'VE GOT IT! Let's do an elephant-embossed interpretation.

-A what?!?!?!

-An elephant-embossed version. Can't you picture how incredibly fabulous this bag will look? We'll make sure it looks just like elephant's skin. And not the nice pebbly part. No way, that's not fun enough. We'll make it look like the skin of a dead elephant rotting at an elephant graveyard somewhere in the hot sun. You know what I mean, right? We'll go for that truly wretched, diseased look that's so on-trend right now. I'm sure Mark Jacobs or Alexander McQueen have done it already. Everyone will love it!!!

-OK, diseased elephant carcass Easy Y Bag it is!

Am I being totally facetious? Yes, I know I am, but can you really blame me? Look what they've done to the gorgeous and chic Easy Y Bag? It's a real travesty. Can't they leave well enough alone? Apparently not. Mercifully, I haven't come across this particular version on any U.S. or European websites. Hopefully no one will be tempted to get this thing just because it's a popular design.

YSL Elephant-Embossed Easy Y Bag avaialble for $1685 via


1 Response to "YSL Elephant-Embossed Easy Y Bag"
  1. Michael St. James said...
    Thursday, December 10, 2009're on a roll today Dania! This bag is a disaster. I love the brown version with gold-tone studded detailing that you featured a while back!

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