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Monday, January 11, 2010

Agnona Pleated Leather Satchel

Agnona Pleated Leather Satchel

As a handbag lover, I tend to focus my musings on the outside of a bag rather than the inside. This neglected but most utilitarian part of a bag can sometimes make or break a purchase. In the case of the Agnona Pleated Leather Satchel, the interior is as inviting as the obviously stunning exterior. It has a myriad of compartments, both open and zippered, as well as several smaller pockets. The inside of this bag is what most women search for in vain to keep them organized. I'm a bit disappointed, however, in the fact that the interior is lined in linen rather than something more luxe like suede. The incredibly hefty $2576 price tag merits a more luxurious interior, but even I must admit that cleaning linen is much easier than suede.

Agnona Pleated Leather Satchel Interior
I suppose I should mention the outside of this bag, right? I mean, it is gorgeous beyond belief. The pleating is so perfectly executed, I find myself in awe of the results. More so than with Bottega Veneta's intreciatto to be frank. Let's face it, pleating is pleating, but this is art. To take pleated panels and weave them is no easy task, hence the price tag. Once you add up the meticulously worked exterior, the well-appointed interior and the fact that all the leather on the bag is 100% dark brown lambskin, it isn't so difficult to arrive at $2576 (some of which includes import and shipping fees from the European e-tailer I'm all for finding bags under $1000 lately, but this bag blows my mind. The price is important, but not enough to outweigh the flawless design. Kudos to Agnona, know mainly for their amazing cashmere confections, for creating such an exquisite bag.

Note: The website doesn't provide measurements, but my guess is that the bag is large (at least 14-15' wide and 6-8" deep). Of interest is the fact that the bag is also offered in pebble and sage, but photos of the colors were not available.


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