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Friday, January 1, 2010

Lanvin Toucouleur Leather Tote

Time to usher in 2010 with a colorful and classic tote that will keep you company for the next 12 months. The bright yellow hue on this Lanvin Toucouleur Leather Tote is enough to get anyone out of a winter funk and ready for spring. Elegant lines and a simple design elevate this bag from boring to sublime. It's bold but not overtly trendy. Although it's roomy at 20 x 14, the tote has virtually no depth to it so don't hold out hope of shoving everything you own into it. A slim wallet, coin purse, key holder, cell phone and magazine will just about push the limits of this Lanvin tote. What I absolutely love about a design like this, though, is that it serves as a blank canvas for a multitude of colors and finishes. I'd love to see this bag done in red, grass green or white leather and a lovely sapphire lizard finish wouldn't hurt either. Got that Alber? You have my wish list so hop to it.

Lanvin Toucouleur Leather Tote available for $1295 via


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