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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Longchamp Cosmos Collection

I'm the type of person that doesn't warm up to people very quickly. Perhaps my type A personality precludes any immediate attachments on my part, or I'm simply a cautious woman. The point is, I take my time getting to know someone before we become "best friends" (a term that is categorically overused). This trepidation also applies to handbags. While I'll own up to falling hard for a bag at first sight, that occurrence is more the exception than the rule. This was the case with Longchamp's Cosmos Collection.

This time last year bloggers and fashion editors were jumping up and down singing the praises of the 'Cosmos'. Fashionistas the likes of Ivanka Trump and über model Claudia Schiffer were spotted toting the old-style design, and I was bored to tears. There was something about the collection that bothered me. It reminded me of a Tod's bag. I'd seen it before with more interesting results. So why am I talking about it now? Because I've finally "warmed up" to the 'Cosmos' - in a major way.

My former attitude toward the bag was in direct violation of my golden rule of handbag shopping - see and feel a bag for yourself before you make any final assumptions. When I happened to come across the Cosmos satchel over the Christmas holiday, I was shocked at how incredibly supple yet durable the leather exterior was. It was spacious. It slouched in a chic sort of way, and the oversize detailing I'd thought reminded me of a Tod's design, suddenly made sense. Of course they had to this to such a classic silhouette. Otherwise, it would just be a rather old looking bag. The 'Cosmos' instantly became my new favorite bag.

The Cosmos satchel, tote and hobo (all pictured) are available in ebony, black and cognac, but my personal favorite is the chocolaty brown ebony. It's a great neutral color that will work year round. Another selling point for the 'Cosmos' collection is its price point - USD $900 for the satchel and tote, USD $645 for the hobo. The lesson to be learned here, folks, is never judge a book by its cover or a bag without sampling it first-hand. You just might find yourself warming up to a brand new friend.

Longchamp Cosmos collection available via


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