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Monday, January 11, 2010

Mary Jo Matsumoto and Señora Cartera Nominated for an Appletiser Blog Award

Our very own Mary Jo Matsumoto from Trust Your Style was nominated for an Appletiser Blog Award for her "Why We Like it Wild" feature on Señora Cartera. We're both very excited about this honor, and would love if you, our loyal readers, would show your support for her work and all she does to class up our site by clicking on the badge provided and voting for her article. You need to register, but it'll take just a few moments and the info you need to provide is completely innocuous (e-mail, D.O.B., etc...). I hope you'll show your appreciation for Mary Jo and Señora Cartera, and give us your vote. You might even win something from the sponsor of the awards in the process.

Click on the badge below to vote!


1 Response to "Mary Jo Matsumoto and Señora Cartera Nominated for an Appletiser Blog Award"
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