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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nina Ricci Capucine Bucket Bag

Nina Ricci Capucine Bucket Bag
Well here goes my promise about not writing any more reviews for Nina Ricci spring bags. They all fall under the category of "WTF" bags (pardon the reference), but this design is particularly horrid. The Capucine Bucket Bag, much like the Capucine Musette Bag I reviewed last week, features an awful threaded leather band along the top edges that defies all logic and taste. An open exterior pocket seems like an afterthought, and the canvas shoulder strap is just cheap-looking. The only good thing this bag has going for it is a gorgeous yellow leather body. So what would you expect to pay for this bag if you were insane enough to like it? If you guessed $2,700, you get the bag and a cupie doll from yours truly. Does it make any sense whatsoever to price this bag near the $3000 mark when the other Nina Ricci bag I reviewed was under $2000 and made entirely from leather? I think we can all agree that the answer is "NO"! I certainly hope their more appealing pre-fall bags will be priced realistically or we'll be in for more of the same insanity.

Nina Ricci Capucine Bucket Bag available via


1 Response to "Nina Ricci Capucine Bucket Bag"
  1. Michael St. James said...
    Wednesday, January 27, 2010

    I just don't get it...ESPECIALLY AT THAT PRICE...Fendi Peek-a-boo anyone?

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