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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nina Ricci Capucine Musette Bag

Nina Ricci Capucine Musette Bag
I can hardly wait for fall 2010? Why? So I don't have to look at more ridiculous spring Nina Ricci bags like the Capucine Musette. To tell the truth, the bag isn't a complete mess. Remove the giant bow at the bottom of the front flap and shrink the size of the holes along its outer seam, and you're left with a pretty nice design. I love the combination of mauve-colored leather with gold-tone hardware. It's perfect for spring, but all the other detailing I mentioned before has to go. I forgot to mention that the price tag has to go as well. They really must try and keep these bags around $1500 or so. Oh, well, I suppose I'll have to grin and bear it until these duds are finally out of sight and out of mind.

Nina Ricci Capucine Musette Bag available for $1935 via


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