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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

what tangled webs we weave

What do designers do when faced with a tanking economy, political chaos, and general world-wide confusion? Obviously the answer is weave, roll, and braid. Meet spring's intricate woven handbags. First up, Marc Jacobs' swingy shoulder bag.

Carolina Herrera, influenced by Japanese basket-making, created an entire woven line of bags.

Another roomy woven bag by Marc Jacobs, this one a bit more wearable.

Even Proenza Schouler got into the act, weaving bungee cord and chain.

Finally, as you can see, Chanel, famous for it's woven leather/chain, added a lot of texture to the mix this season.

Now the question is, who will tangle with these bags? Will you be on the woven bandwagon?


1 Response to "what tangled webs we weave"
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