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Friday, February 5, 2010

Alexander Wang Darla Pyramid Clutch

Before I write anything about the Alexander Wang Darla Pyramid Clutch, I need to take a deep breath. A very deep breath...

OK, I feel a little better now. I needed to clear my head so I wouldn't spout a bunch of expletives when describing poor little 'ole 'Darla'. Trust me, I could use some real zingers for this design, but I'm contractually bound to keep things clean around here. So I'll make a valiant attempt to rise above it all and offer you a G-rated version of my original review.

Let's start off with the basics. This pyramid-shaped bag is a clutch (and I use that term in total jest). You can't use it for any other purpose and attempt to get your money's worth. Oh, wait, maybe you could give it to your kid as a stencil for geometry class. You might cut a few holes out and use it as a boomerang. Better still, carry it around late at night as you exit a club to ward off the drunks and creeps you always end up having to deal with. I'm sure those studs will leave a nasty mark on someones face.

But seriously, folks, have you ever seen a more idiotic use of leather. Not only is this design fugly, it's not even functional. Every time you carry it, you're forced to work around the studded back side. When you want to grab something from inside the clutch, you're left with about a 5" opening to do so. Not very comfortable, right? When you look at the 'Darla' clutch on a whole, you soon realize this bag is purely meant for show. Would you really want to "show" this bag around to anyone other than a math teacher or, perhaps, a psychiatrist? For $490, I know you know the answer to that facetious question. Whew! No expletives in this entire review, although it was very, very sarcastic.

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1 Response to "Alexander Wang Darla Pyramid Clutch"
  1. Michael St. James said...
    Friday, February 05, 2010

    This entire collection is AWFUL! Such a shame, but kind of expected after his unwarranted super successful debut with the coco duffel.

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