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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Valentino Rouches Hobo

I've mentioned this before on Señora Cartera - Valentino is sinking fast. The departure of Valentino Garavani signaled the end of an era and, quite possibly, the end of his namesake label's dominance in the fashion world. The RTW and couture collections have become less "Valentino-like". Striking a balance between honoring the label's tradition and infusing their own design perspective is a feat yet to be accomplished by Valentino's co-creative directors, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli. The former Valentino accessories designers are feeling the pressure of living up to Garavani's high standards, and the stress is showing in their designs.

The last couple of handbag collections have grown increasingly fussy. The designs are relying heavily on detailing which isn't always a good thing. From rose-covered totes to lace-laden bags, Valentino has missed the mark more often than not. The Rouches Hobo is, unfortunately, another dud. The "rouching" comes in the form of leather ruffles found throughout the entire exterior. When I look at this design, I forget it's actually a handbag. Even in a neutral ivory color like this version was done in, the bag looks wholly overwhelmed by the large ruffles. What's the point in discussing anything on this bag when it's obvious all the designers want you to focus on are the pretty ruffles. Enough with the frilly stuff, guys. I love beautiful feminine bags, but give us something different while staying true to your mentor's design vision. Oh, by the way, you are also guilty of overpricing your bags. Honestly? $2595 is a tad too much for a bag that looks like an antebellum hoop skirt. Even the curtain-wearing Scarlett O'Hara would find this bag unacceptable. Please go back to your sketch pads and remember the old adage - "Less is more".

Pre-order the Valentino Rouches Hobo in ivory or black via


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