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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Marni Fall 2010 Collection: It's All In The Details

I always look forward to Marni's runway show. I identify with the "modern mousy librarian" aesthetic Consuelo Castiglioni conveys so well. While I'd never dress in head-to-toe Marni, I'd probably accessorize an outfit with a handbag, shoes and jewelry from the Italian label. With Marni, it's all about the details. Because Castiglioni, Marni's founder and creative director, designs with simplicity and function in mind (albeit a simplicity that comes across as "mod" rather than modern), her accessories usually command the most attention on the runway.

Marni's Fall 2010 collection is one of the best Castiglioni has shown in recent memory, and it was certainly one of the best out of Milan. The jewelry pieces, particularly necklaces, were beyond spectacular. Varying shapes, lengths and materials were fused together in a dizzying yet blissful sort of way. I must have have the giant silver beaded necklace as soon as it arrives at the Miami Marni store. I mean, doesn't every woman need a set of giant silver balls around her neck? OK, that doesn't sound right, but you know what I mean. I love chunky, clunky jewelry and so do many of you. Yep, that's what I meant to imply...

Let's tackle the bags from this collection. Am I extremely excited about what I saw? No. Most of the styles we saw have been done before (as in 50 years ago). Was there anything wrong with what I saw? Well, no. I'd say the bags were darling and very practical, but they didn't WOW me. Would I run out and buy any of the bags I saw on the runway? With one glorious exception, probably not. So which bag tickled my fancy enough to make me pull out my credit card come fall? It's the classic yet modern white perforated leather framed tote. I could use that bag to death! The perforated detailing will work in Miami's eccentric fashion scene while the bag's timeless silhouette will keep me from looking like a total fashion victim. Instead, I'll look like a trendy librarian, and that's just the vibe I usually end up projecting.

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