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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mid-Century Prada

A few weeks back I told Dania I was interested in covering the new plaid Prada bag. Cough. That was before I realized it wasn't actually plaid. I'd caught a glimpse of it in a Pre-Fall '10 preview and felt a tinge of excitement to see what I thought was a red plaid bag making its way down the runway...

It's actually a Prada textile that has more of a mid-century feel to it. Up close you can discern that it's been printed on the same nylon fabric that originally lifted her label into stardom a couple of decades ago. So if you can get past what is bound to be an exorbitant price for a nylon bag, it appears to be sturdy. Nylon bags can bear a lot of wear and tear and the red leather croc pressed handles add a nice touch. I'm also liking the shape with generous roomy side compartments--very practical. It's potentially a fun every day bag that also carries the clout of Prada. I'm telling you, this bag could be rationalized.

For those who prefer a more sophisticated palette, it also comes in a mustard/teal version of the same print.

So tell me, like or no-like?


3 Responses to "Mid-Century Prada"
  1. Dania Padron said...
    Tuesday, March 09, 2010

    Color me crazy, but I like these bags. I know I won't like their price tags, but I love, love, love the handbag style, front and rear outer compartments and sturdy exterior. I'm not averse to nylon bags, especially if they're something other than boring black. The embossed handles help in that respect as well. If they can keep these bags at $1000 or below, they'd have a winner on their hands.

    BTW, I love the mustard/teal version the best.

  2. Michael St. James said...
    Tuesday, March 09, 2010

    Why are the handles alligator skin? That pretty much ensures that the price will be OUTRAGEOUS for a nylon bag!

  3. Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...
    Tuesday, March 09, 2010

    Haha, exactly Michael--they have to have a reason to put that price tag on it, otherwise Target could do something identical. I'm with Dania and leaning toward it just because I like the shape and the side compartments--it would make a lot of sense for a busy person's life!

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