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Friday, April 16, 2010

Be & D Summer 2010 Preview

Run to the nearest Saks store or other boutique that carries Be&D bags. Their summer 2010 collection has something for everyone (and in my case that "something" is pretty much everything). The well-rounded collection includes a healthy number of shoulder bags, totes, satchels and clutches, but I'll cut to the chase and reveal my top three picks from the bunch.

1) Woodstock Hobo - This design, whether it's done in leather or straw, is a chic alternative for a year-round everyday bag; it's roomy and displays enough detailing to draw attention without being overtly trendy. Leather renditions (the terracota version is pictured on the lower right corner above) range in price from $995-$1065 depending on color, texture and detailing. The new straw version (pictured above in black) is a great choice for summer (especially in SoFL) and is priced at a more affordable $795.

2) Henley Shoulder Bag - Be & D's focus on chain-strapped shoulder bags is a welcome respite from the studded satchels of the past. They've produced several winners, but the 'Henley' is by far the most "classic" design thus far. The label's use of textured leather is paired with a lone nickel push lock closure and top to bottom chain shoulder strap. The "tugging" effect many of you complained about on the new 'Genesis' bag is pleasantly absent from the 'Henley'. The taupe version (top row, third from left) is my pick for summer, but it also comes in basic black and both are priced at $875.

3) Woodstock Small Shoulder Bag - Another fab shoulder bag from Steve Dumain with the same large stud-accented belt detailing found on the hobo style. This flap top bag is deceptively large (12.5 x 8.5 x 2) and surprisingly luxe (a suede-lined interior is a nice touch). It'll work from day to night without making you skip a beat. It comes in several colors and finishes and ranges in price from $595-$1395. My pick is the faux roccia in taupe ($895). It's dreamy in person and well worth the price. If you're not into faux finishes, an authentic snakeskin doppelgänger (pictured on the top left hand corner above) is also available for $1395.

My only complaint with the collection is directly against the Genesis Bag  (top row, third from right). This is a good bag that needs some additional tweaking to get it to wear it needs to be. Just by looking at all the celebs photographed with the bag, it's obvious the "tugging" that occurs when carried by the top handle is not an attractive or acceptable result. Carrying it across the body or on the shoulder works well, but in order to be a great bag it needs to function on all levels. I'm confident this design is most definitely salvagaeable.


1 Response to "Be & D Summer 2010 Preview"
  1. Michael St. James said...
    Monday, April 19, 2010

    The Genesis Bag is my favorite aesthetically, but I agree with your complaints, so the straw Woodstock Hobo is my pick for Summer. Thanks for the in-depth review Dania!

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