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Monday, April 12, 2010

Hervé Léger Corded Saddle Bag

This is the case of a fairly interesting yet ridiculously overpriced bag. Hervé Léger, a brand best known for producing curve-hugging 'bandage' dresses, has expanded its' reach to include handbags. The Corded Saddle Bag (pictured) is a promising beginning. I like the casual saddle bag style enhanced by corded applique detailing. It's a pretty good size (10 x 10 x 4) and has plenty of length (21" strap), but I think they missed the mark by going with suede-backed canvas for the finish. Leather would've been a more challenging (and high-end) choice. When I see the corded detailing I'm definitely reminded of Léger's bandage dresses, but there is nothing remotely appealing about a canvas bag that, although interesting to look at, is priced at $1200. I'm amazed the folks in charge at Hervé Léger would think this bag is worth that much. What's even more surprising is that there were any buyers who felt the same (yes, I mean you, Shopbop buyers). The designers need to tweak this design, and most definitely re-think their pricing policy. And before anyone offers the excuse that the "cording" involves quite a bit of workmanship to accomplish therefore justifying the steep price, I'd counter that reasoning by saying "perhaps with leather, but not with canvas". I'm just not buying this design, figuratively speaking or in real life.

Hervé Léger Corded Saddle Bag available via


1 Response to "Hervé Léger Corded Saddle Bag"
  1. Michael St. James said...
    Monday, April 12, 2010

    $1200 for a canvas messenger is ridiculous, especially from a designer that's new to handbags. Same goes for those Ai bags from Akris, but I digress. The actual design of this saddle bag is quite chic and I love the corded detailing, although it looks eerily similar to the Zagliani Large Art Bag.

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