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Friday, April 23, 2010

Jimmy Choo Daphne Clutch

"Variety is the spice of life", and the Jimmy Choo Daphne Clutch is an unexpected example of this age-old saying. Just when I thought patent leather was becoming passé, in comes 'Daphne' to set me straight. The sleek, shiny black patent exterior resembles a portfolio more than it does a clutch. It measures 9 x 7 x 2 and sports a sexy corset detailing along the sides. But the absolute best part of the design is the way you access the interior. The bag is divided into two parts, top and bottom, and they come apart like a puzzle. It's worth noting that the very design element that makes the 'Daphne' interesting is also a major functionality issue. Only the bottom half of the bag can house your essentials so don't expect to count on more than about 5" of height for just that purpose. I know, that's a pesky problem, but the bag is fresh, and a little inconvenience can be overlooked. I'm not so sure the bag is worth its $1200 price tag, though. I'll leave that decision up to your discretion. There's no denying this ultra-modern design has a decidedly "fierce" vibe that will appeal to hard-core fashionistas so pricing might not factor into the decision-making process for those of you looking for something different.

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1 Response to "Jimmy Choo Daphne Clutch"
  1. Michael St. James said...
    Friday, April 23, 2010

    I absolutely love this clutch, but the functionality concerns are hard to overlook, especially for the price!

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