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Friday, April 9, 2010

La Trend Of All Trends {imho}

Bag people, imho {in my humble opinion for you non-texter/tweeters}, are a special breed. From my experience, bag people will splurge and splurge big if there is enough bag love. They disdain that which is shoddy in quality. Sometimes they sniff at the baroque. But when it comes to an overriding trend, bag people love to be in the know. So in case you're a bag person who's been hiding under a rock, today is the day that will forever change the next 365 to 700+ days of your life. That's right bag people, there's a new trend in town...

According to my favorite street fashion photographer, Tommy Ton, whose discerning eye never misses a fashion beat, "Say goodbye to slouchy bags. The new it is small and square with a long strap, and more often than not from Celine." Click here to check out his latest photos of the chic set at the global fashion shows over at if you don't believe me.

Photo courtesy JakAndJil


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