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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Señora Cartera's Advice to the Stars: The Kelly Cutrone Edition

As many of you may already know from my "These are a Few of My Favorite Things" series, I'm an avid reality show fan. I realize many of these "reality" shows are, in fact, scripted, but one series I have a feeling is all real is Kell on Earth. The show centers around fashion PR maven Kelly Cutrone and her tribe of eager employees as they weave their way through the ins and outs of photo shoots, press events and the all-menacing fashion week.

I recently picked up Kelly's book If You Have to Cry, Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You. Anyone who wants to enter the world of fashion or just gain insight into the work ethic of one ballsy business woman should pick up a copy of Cutrone's book. I admire a great many things about this woman, but what I most identify with is the boundless love she shows her daughter. In the cut-throat world of fashion and fashion PR, Kelly is the chief barracuda. Don't mess with her, her business, her "tribe" or her money, but, mostly, don't mess with her Ava. It's the sweet and honest mother/daughter dynamic we saw week to week that should serve as a lesson to all women - you can be a smart business woman with a tireless work schedule and still make those few moments you have with your children worthwhile and memorable. I applaud Kelly for the incredible example she sets for those she trains in her office and that beautiful little girl she's "training" for life.

Now that I've shamelessly plugged my favorite book of the moment and extolled the virtues of Kelly Cutrone, I will, as always, make this about bags. By now you know I watched the show to check out who was carrying what. I noticed that Kelly really likes her large, black totes. I can only imagine her bag is brimming over with everything from documents to a pair of spiky heels. That's right, ladies. New York women use their bags as practical wardrobe transporters and Kelly, while a unique soul, is still one of millions of women working in the Big Apple.

Since Kelly will never seek style advice from any of us bag bloggers seeing as she's styled hundreds over the years, I'll offer her some unsolicited advice. Stick to your big black bags, Kelly. They really do suit your style. I can suggest a couple of bag that will keep you looking effortlessly chic while still offering much-needed functionality.

Ann Demeulemeester's convertible tote done in buttery soft black cowhide leather is both a tote and a messenger bag all rolled into one. The simplicity of the design and the lack of an overly-embellished exterior will compliment pretty much any look in Kelly's wardrobe. This bag, priced at $1795, is a working gal's best friend, and, when you're friends bail, you can always count on a well-constructed designer bag to keep you company.

My second choice, and one with a bit more "oomph" to it,  is the Leather Hainet Bag from Martin Margiela. This framed top bag from MMM's spring/summer 2010 collection is a rather nondescript design except for a netted front panel that serves to break up the monotony. This bag is my particular favorite, and I have a feeling it would be Kelly's as well. Priced just over $1100, the Martin Margiela bag is sensible and practical, but has a cheeky side to it as well. Yep, this one is just what Kelly needs.

*Kelly, if you end up reading this, I'm sending you and your lovely daughter lots of positive energy. You inspire many women and mothers (myself included)  both in the world of fashion and the world in general. Keep taking over the world, my dear. Here's hoping the cameras are there to capture it all so we can cheer you on.


1 Response to "Señora Cartera's Advice to the Stars: The Kelly Cutrone Edition"
  1. gail said...
    Thursday, April 01, 2010

    What a great article and view of this show - now I am sorry I didn't watch this. I am sure that Kell would be flattered. Loved the way you worked the bags into this as well. The Martin Margiela is nice. Lately I am crushing on Anne Demeulemeester's wedge cut out ankle boots as well!

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