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Friday, April 9, 2010

Tune Into Our Live "On the Air With Señora Cartera" Q&A Show Tonight!

A quick reminder to all our readers. Tonight is our first "LIVE" On the Air With Señora Cartera Q&A episode. This is your chance to call into the show and ask any handbag-related question or share any bag concerns you may have. We'll do our best to get you the information you need to get the bag of your dreams. Don't have any questions for us? That's OK. Just call and say "Hi". It's fine with us.

Visit our show page  at 6:00 PM , EST and jot down our toll-free number. Hope you'll join us for some fun and informative designer handbag chat. Until then...


2 Responses to "Tune Into Our Live "On the Air With Señora Cartera" Q&A Show Tonight!"
  1. Michael St. James said...
    Friday, April 09, 2010

    OMG...I'm such a scatterbrain Dania! I totally forgot about the show until 7 o'clock when it was too late...of course. However, I already listened to it twice and absolutely loved the show! I can't believe one of your readers implied that only buying one bag in an entire year is even an option. You know how much I love the Fendi Peek-a-boo, but the tweed Mulberry Alexa is gorgeous, functional and affordable. It also seems to suit your lifestyle better. I completely agree with your response to Gail's question. The python Chloe Paraty is slightly superior to the python TOD's Shade Tote, while the opposite is true for the leather variations. Thanks for plugging and I'm DEFINITELY going to call-in in two weeks!

  2. gail said...
    Monday, April 12, 2010

    Dania, I wasn't able to listen live either but of course I listened to the recording and it was great. So, the Fendi Peekaboo and the Mulberry Alexa in the Summer Tweed? Both are so lovely, but I would prefer the Peekaboo - just seems a little bit more easily accessible. I keep forgetting about the Peekaboo. I loved it so much when it first entered the scene. I'll never forget, I was traveling in Washington DC just before the holidays and was staying at the Hyatt at Tysons Corner and the most elegant lady was in the bar at the Hyatt with the Peekaboo in red with the leopard interior - so fierce. It just looked great. I think I have only held it once or twice and I can't remember if it is heavy? Anyway, I hope you are able to get one for yourself.

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