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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

When Bags Meet Art

Borbonese, a century old Italian fashion house known for their handbag collaborations with Fendi, Valentino, Ungaro, and Yves Saint Laurent, is presenting their Art Bag Anniversary Collection with the Roy Lichtenstein Foundation.

I like the red leather piping, minimal use of tasteful hardware and simple construction on the Borbonese Lichtenstein Two Apples Tote, but I'm not sure how I feel about the screened Lichtenstein on a bag--after all, I've never been big on the "turn this outfit into a room" features in interior magazines and blogs. To me there needs to be a clever element in order to make the art-to-fashion transition work, and this bag is a straight ahead slapping of an image on a bag. That said, if you are a die-hard Lichtenstein fan, then this bag might be worth checking out. While Lichtenstein's paintings go for millions, you can have this bag for $787 at Luisa Via Roma.


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