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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spring 2010 Top 10 "Must-Have" Bags

There is something magical about spring. Thoughts of melting snow, blooming flowers and sun-kissed days invade the minds of every weary winter-phobe in the world, but, for fashionistas, getting their hands on the latest fashions is top priority. Here at Señora Cartera, we eagerly anticipate this time of the year more than any other. Winter months are spent quietly sifting through the upcoming trends with the goal of compiling a thoughtful list of spring's top 10 "must-have" bags.

Let's discuss what we should expect to see for the next several months in terms of handbag trends. Styles like the convertible tote and cross-body bag are sure to be represented by every major designer label. The classic shoulder bag is back in fine form. The latest reinventions of this timeless bag style are sure to have even "flap-bag" haters salivating. Exotics, which have been a major presence in the designer handbag market for several seasons, are stronger than ever. This is one trend that is definitely here to stay. Detailing and embellishments such as chain straps, perforated leathers, florals and ruffles represent the more feminine side of design while studs, fringe and military-inspired accents provide a harder edge. All in all there will definitely be a bag that appeals to every style and every age.

Now that we've dispensed with the necessities, it's time to get specific. Here is Señora Cartera's Spring 2010 top 10 "must-have" bags list:

Derek Lam Nadia Hobo

Derek Lam can do no wrong in our eyes. His knack for successfully redefining classic silhouettes and incorporating modern details like the asymmetrical lines, elongated shape and tassel embellishments of the Nadia Hobo make him our favorite designer this spring. It's no wonder his talents provide us with three of our top 10 bags.

Chloé Marlow Satchel

Regular readers of this blog will not be surprised that this bag made our list. The relaxed, boxy shape and belted detailing of the 'Marlow' will appeal to hard-core Chloé fans while still being a sophisticated handbag option for classic bag lovers. Hannah MacGibbon continues to impress as the creative force behind the revitalized French label.

Donna Karan Ribbons and Ropes Tote

Karan's foray into handbag design got off to a rocky start, but the past couple of seasons have proved the American fashion icon knows when to switch things up with impeccable results. The Ribbons and Ropes Tote has enough detailing to make it fresh and chic, but even those touches are done with elegance and restraint. Isn't that what Karan does best?

Alexander McQueen Faithful Crossbody Bag

An Alexander McQueen bag was sure to make our list even before his tragic death. Now that the fashion world mourns his genius, his fashions are in higher demand. The Faithful Crossbody Bag, a small yet finely executed "glam rock" design, is trendy, chic and pure perfection. Get one now and own a little slice of fashion history.

Be & D Tudor Shoulder Bag

While there were several contenders for the title of "Señora Cartera's" top shoulder bag of the season, the Be & D Tudor was the winner by a mile. The design's front flap style, textured leather exterior and long chain straps come together to make for the ideal modern take on the most classic bag style ever.

Sergio Rossi Sumo Hobo

Exotics are an expensive trend to incorporate into your wardrobe, but a bag like the python-embossed Sumo Hobo from Sergio Rossi gives us the look and feel of a high-end finish without the equally high price tag. In addition, the Sumo's slouchy shape will be difficult for most fashionistas to resist. As if anyone would want to resist such a chic bag!

Derek Lam Albertine Clutch

Only two clutches made our list, and it's no surprise one of them comes to us courtesy of Derek Lam. The designer's second appearance on our top 10 list is attributed to the sleek and sophisticated Albertine Clutch. It's a chic, practical design with an attractive price tag. In today's economic environment, who needs a $2000 clutch when something as gorgeous as the 'Albertine' is available for a 1/4 of the price?

Michael Kors Tonne Tote

Michael Kors is quickly becoming one of our favorite bag designers. The label continues to improve with each season and spring's 'Tonne' collection is proof of that. The gorgeous Tonne Tote boasts a modern look with luxe-looking hardware accents and trendy detailing. The bag is priced under $1000, and who can argue with wanting to acquire a great bag on a budget?

Mary Jo Matsumoto MJM Bag

Our very own Mary Jo makes the list with her MJM Bag. I've kept the contents of this list all to myself so this will be a surprise for Mary Jo. The MJM Bag is a timeless piece of handbag design that takes an envelope clutch and wraps it up in ultra luxe grey suede. The knot detail on the front flap is a fun, flirty touch that's totally on-trend. This affordable bag will class up your spring wardrobe and remain a staple well into fall.

Tod's Shade Tote

This list would not be complete without a Tod's bag, and the latest addition to the brand's impressive bag collection is another testament to Derek Lam's genius. As Tod's creative director, Lam  brings a fresh new take to each of Tod's iconic bag designs. The Shade Tote is a new style that has Tod's loyal clientele buzzing with excitement. The structured tote comes in neutral colors like beige as well as bold offerings like electric blue and orange. When the economy tanks, fashionistas are pressed to make their dollars stretch further and further. A brand like Tod's (under Lam's watchful eye) will always deliver a safe handbag investment.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Miu Miu East-West Buckled Satchel


What an absolutely chic bag! Prada's little sister has done good with the East-West Satchel. The black deerskin leather version is the ideal companion for the modern sophisticate. The fold-over flap is slightly reminiscent of a Birkin, but different enough to fit into Miu Miu's "youthful elegance" aesthetic. The satchel has a top handle as well as an adjustable shoulder strap (which you can remove for a more classic look). The gold-tone hardware contrasts with the dark leather exterior and adds a luxurious vibe to the overall design. Buckled straps along the front of the bag provide a utilitarian feel to the satchel that's totally on-trend. The designers were smart to make the straps functional but in an easy way. You won't need to fiddle with the buckles at all. The straps open and close through small push-through studs. Genius! Nab the Miu Miu East-West Buckled Satchel for $1650 via, and invest in a great bag you'll use for many years to come.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Want This Pink Man Bag!


I know that Señora Cartera's stance on Louis Vuitton bags is perilous at best, which is why I leave the LV coverage to Dania. And while I don't consider myself much of a logo worshiper, I do have a confession to make. Every few months I find myself inexplicably eyeing Louis Vuitton logo luggage...

I mean, not that I need to justify it or anything like that, (haha of course I do!) but the Stephen Sprouse logo graffiti bag is still cool and iconic all these years later. And of course, I'm lusting after the Terry Richardson photo as well...

Photo via Style In Spades

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Man Bag: MARC by Marc Jacobs Randy Leather Crossbody Bag

When I said we'd be covering more "man bags" on Señora Cartera, you didn't think I was kidding? I meant business, gents. Everyone, man or woman, deserves to own the best accessories they can afford, and boy do I have a chic and affordable bag for both sexes. While I'm classifying the MARC by Marc Jacobs Randy Leather Crossbody Bag as a "man bag", it's utilitarian design and simple detailing will work for guys and gals alike. The 'Randy' is priced at $378, and you'll definitely get a ton of mileage out of this cheap thrill. Soft grained leather and brass-tone hardware are accented by a buckle accented long fold-over flap with snap closure. A single top handle as well as an adjustable crossbody strap (both done in leather) make this an urbanite's dream bag. It measures 12.5 x 14 x 1.75 which is on the slim side but certainly spacious enough to store essentials like a wallet, cell phone, iPod, magazines or other documents. How does that sound for a classic and practical man bag?

MARC by Marc Jacobs Randy Leather Crossbody Bag available via

Monday, February 22, 2010

Donna Karan Ribbons and Ropes Tote

Donna Karan Ribbons and Ropes Tote

The flu has invaded my home. There are five sick people roaming around my house including my two sons. As I battle this pesky bug and do my best "Florence Nightingale" impersonation for the rest of my family, I'll continue to bring you more fab bags to admire and lust after.

After a stellar showing during NY Fashion Week, Donna Karan continues to wow us with her much improved handbag collection. I'm particularly smitten with the Ribbons and Ropes Tote (pictured), and can you blame me? The unique and fun top handles, a bundle of leather cords bound together, serve as the design's visual focal point. Ruched ribbon detailing adorns the front and side panels. It's done in such a way as to continue the "classic with an edge" theme found in most of Karan's bags. The lambskin leather tote is roomy and functional and boasts several pockets for added storage as well as offering a removable shoulder strap providing additional carrying options. There are two great colors available for you to choose from - nude or java brown. Note that the leather on this bag is slightly distressed which is more apparent on the darker version as is to be expected.

The Ribbons and Ropes Tote is one of my absolute favorite bags for spring, and you can bet it'll be making an appearance on my "Top 10 Spring Bags" list coming later this week.

Donna Karan Ribbons and Ropes Tote available for $1095 in nude via or java brown via

Anna Sui's Arts & Crafts Movement


Anna Sui isn't known for her handbags, but this season I think they deserve a mention, as does her entire collection.

While I've always loved her prints and her embellished whimsical style in general, I've never been a huge fan of boho or the garish 60s vibe that often dominates her palette. But Fall '10 is definitely Anna Sui's season.

Combining the best of Art Nouveau and rock'n'roll pop influences, Sui took her collection to another level with designs inspired by Charles Rohlfs (an American Arts and Crafts furniture designer).

Most of the Sui bags have a streamlined carpet bag shape that bodes well for young starlet appeal. The contrast of mauve set on lizard is the kind of funky detail sure to win over the yummy mummy à la Mary-Louise Parker/Weeds types as well.

And this cool take on the doctor's bag should satisfy the most style conscious fashion girls. Brava Anna, keep on rocking!

Photos courtesy

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fall 2010 Proenza Schouler PS11 Bag

Any guesses as to how many times we've featured Proenza Schouler on Señora Cartera? I'll save you the trouble of trying to figure it out. Only a hand full of times to be exact. This can be attributed to the label's lack of handbags prior to their successful PS1 Bag. As those of you that read this blog with any regularity know by now, I'm not a fan of the PS1 and its masculine design. I mean, I like man bags, just not hanging off my shoulder. So my expectations for Proenza Schouler's fall 2010 collection were quite low. Was I in for a HUGE surprise! Not only was the collection filled with fun and wearable graphic pieces, it also marked the debut of a brand new bag.

Meet the PS11, a smaller and far more attractive design than the PS1 ever was. The details and structured silhouette distinguish the bag from other similar styles. However, I have a few minor complaints about the bag (what else is new). There's no top handle as in the PS1 so your carrying options are limited to over the shoulder, clutch style if you remove the strap or across the body (a 19" strap drop makes the latter possible for petite women). I'm also not sure that the combination gold/platinum hardware actually work together. My major complaint, however, lies in the pricing.

You can pre-order the PS11 via online until about 9PM EDT today in black or saddle brown cowhide leather for $1850. I think the size (10.5 x 7.5 x 3.5) and finish on the bag merit a slight adjustment in price - at least $300-$400 less considering the larger PS1 is priced about the same.

You'll notice from the runway photos included that there are slight variations from bag to bag (some have fur flaps or quilted leather, but my absolute favorites are the more feminine versions that actually have a top handle as well as a long chain strap. The box-like flap top and buckle straps (minus the inverted stud-accented horizontal strap of the other PS11 versions) make for a more refined design. I can't wait until that version makes it online.

Photo source:

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Marc Jacobs Fall 2010 Collection: A Masterful Tour de Force


I can hardly find the words to describe the brilliance of Marc Jacobs' fall 2010 collection. I suppose I could open up a thesaurus and type every word that means the same as amazing and perfect, but that would bore you all to tears. Instead, I'll let these pictures from Jacobs' runway show do the talking.

This collection is Jacobs' tour de force as far as I'm concerned. Conservative silhouettes and a muted color palette are a sound choice in today's economic environment, but there is nothing boring or predictable about this collection. In fact, the entire tone of the collection goes against what we've seen from Jacobs for the past couple of years. When we compare it to season's past, it becomes clear that Jacobs has finally "grown up" as a designer. We all know he's extremely talented, but that talent was wasted on a slew of throw-away designs. There isn't a "throw-away" piece in this entire presentation. If you're as impressed as I am with Marc's RTW, then you'll be positively giddy when you see what Jacobs has done with his handbag line.

Marc has given his loyal clientele much to be thankful for this fall when it comes to handbags. From lady-like handbags to everyday (but not ordinary) hand-held totes to sleek, modern clutches, Jacobs has covered all his bases. He focused mostly on using grey in several different textures and finishes with resounding success. Embellishments in the form of attached padlocks and classic push-lock closures were everywhere. I actually love the use of the padlock in this collection because it looks functional even if it isn't. Even fur-trimmed bags, which could have been absolute disasters, were well-executed and quite appealing.

Final Analysis: Marc Jacobs hits a peak in his prolific career with this masterful lesson in classic ready to wear.

Handbag Pick: Grey, textured leather flap bag with dangling padlock detailing.

Photo source:

Chloé Python Marlow Satchel

Come to mommy, my blushing beauty! 

I've been dying for the spring version of Chloé's Python Marlow Satchel to make an appearance online. Even  though my  heart lies with the stunning ocean blue 'Marlow' I previewed last year, I can't help but marvel at the exquisite blush grey hue of this iteration (available at This particular color helps soften the relaxed box-like satchel shape of the 'Marlow'. In addition, a neutral hue like this will work with just about any other color you can think of as well as looking appropriate during any season of the year.

There's no need to expound on the beauty of the python exterior. In terms of aesthetics, the python 'Marlow' oozes an elegance and sophistication that croc skins can't achieve. That's why I always prefer snake or lizard skins over croc and alligator any day. The detailing on this design provides a bit of an edge without detracting from its obvious classic appeal. From the wrap-around, buckle-accented strap along the top to the convenient side pocket with gold-tone hardware, every detail on the 'Marlow' is perfection.

Time to talk money, though. The Chloé Python Marlow Satchel will run you a whopping $4610. I know, steeeeeep!!! Let's face it, ladies, a bag like this will never be cheap. When you take into account the beauty and practical nature of the design, the on-point detailing and the python exterior and leather accents and trims (not to mention the dreamy velvet-lined interior), it isn't too difficult to arrive at the amount Chloé did. If you have the money to spend on a bag like this, you have my whole-hearted support. Beware of fraying python skin, though. It's a forgone conclusion that it'll happen to even the most impressive of skins.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Alexander McQueen Thriller Faithful Glove Clutch


I never wrote up a review for Alexander McQueen's Faithful Glove Clutch because I didn't like it. It was a bit too gimmicky for my taste. Then last week happened, and I'm still dumb-founded and rather pissed off that one of the most brilliant designers the world has and will ever know is suddenly gone. I've been searching for a McQueen bag to write about so I could sum up my feelings about him as a designer, but nothing has struck me as special enough to immortalize him. Until now, that is. As I browsed my usual sites this morning, I came across the Thriller Faithful Glove Clutch.

It's safe to say the irony of this bag isn't lost on any of us. McQueen's homage to the King of Pop, whom we lost suddenly and nonsensically last year, is now itself a posthumous homage to an incredible designer gone too soon.

I still feel the same way about the bag itself. I won't sugar coat this just because McQueen is dead. What I do like, in fact, love about this version is that the gimmick works here. It's appropriate and totally called for. What other accessory epitomized Michael Jackson more than his sequined white glove? None. McQueen understood that as well and chose to rework his design to play tribute to an avant-garde genius much like himself.

I have a feeling this bag will sell out quickly. McQueen's designs are flying off the racks as fashionistas fear they'll never have another opportunity to own a piece of fashion history. While I won't be one of those people, I'll still admire his designs through photos and video as I do with Jackson's work.

I'd like to say something about Alexander McQueen as part of the permanent record on Señora Cartera. I don't pretend to understand what led such a brilliant man at the height of his career to take his own life. I only hope he is at peace. Speaking as a mother, my own wish is that he would have found courage to stick it out long enough to allow life and his God-given talent to give him the will to live. I think that's what his beloved mother would have wanted for him.

Alexander McQueen's Brilliant Bags


Alexander McQueen's Daisy Clutch

Making a clever bag is not easy. There's a fine line between bold and heavy-handed. Kitsch can be cool, but make one wrong turn and the whole thing becomes gimmicky. Alexander McQueen succeeded in making a series of lavish and unconventional bags where others failed. It's no small feat to go into the cliched territory of bikers, safety pins, zippers and skulls, and keep it fresh long after the trends are over. In retrospect, it's easy to see why he succeeded so wildly with his clothes and his bags--Alexander McQueen was true to himself. His motifs weren't about trends, they were about his style.

Here are some of my favorites from his many insanely original bag designs:

The Knuckle Duster Patent Leather Clutch.

The popular and oh-so-coveted Faithful Satchel.

The infamous Safety Pin Bag via thatsafabuloushandbag.

The Faithful Bucket which took the motorcycle jacket to another level.

Who could forget the skeletal luggage for Samsonite?

The witty Crystal-print clutch.

The play on a Faberge egg, otherwise knonw as McQueen's Empire Bag. Photo via My Prestigium.

Of course, his pièce de résistance as far as I'm concerned will always be his Union Jack Skull Clutch. Photo courtesy

Please note: These photos have been credited and sized for Senora Cartera. The concept/content is also property of myself and Senora Cartera. Please do not use the photos/concept/content without credit, ie Mary Jo Matsumoto for Senora Cartera.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Diane von Furstenberg Fall 2010 Collection: Bohemian Tomboy Chic


If Diane von Furstenberg's spring collection was less than stellar, she certainly made up for her unusual misstep with this fabulous collection for fall/winter 2010. The brand's bread and butter, the wrap dress, was present and accounted for. Diane's signature piece was treated to a few tweaks in the form of voluminous shoulders and flouncy, layered skirts. Although much of the collection centers on Furstenberg's use of mixing prints and texture, the collection's true nature is that of a bohemian tomboy.

Patterned mini dresses and cropped pants paired with blazers, cardigans and bolero jackets are DvF's must-have staples for fall. Her core clientele will love the usual suspects included in the collection, but the more urban, masculine tone for fall will certainly attract new fans (like me!).

We've seen most of the bags featured during the runway show before like the Stephanie hobo (mercifully done in a smaller size) and shoulder bag (the all-black version is quite nice), the Marisa tote and the Piper bag (a creation covered in studs and feathers - the only dud in the bunch). The popular Marlene clutch made a few appearances with an indigo suede/gold-tone hammered metal version taking the prize for best in show.

All these bags, however, take a back seat to the one bag I was anticipating the most. The convertible tote, which made its debut in DvF's pre-fall collection, is back. This grey grained leather tote is an interesting take on the top frame bag and features a strap along the bottom panel that can be threaded through a snap on the top of the design. The result is a convertible bag that's become a requisite accessory for today's working woman.

The Final Analysis: Furstenberg's fall collection was another well-executed vision of ready to wear that all women can take something away from.

Photo source:

Fendi Unzipped Satchel


Do you ever get the feeling you should love a certain bag because everyone else does, but you can't seem to jump on the bandwagon as easily as they have? I happen to suffer from this particular ailment on a frequent basis. My latest bout came courtesy of the Fendi Unzipped Satchel. I actually like Fendi's latest creation, I just don't love it. I want to love it, but it doesn't wow me like other bags I recommend. Is it chic? Yes. Is it spacious and well appointed? With 11.5 x 16 x 6 dimensions, I'd say it is. Does it have visual appeal? The "unzipped" detailed front with dual pockets does the trick. So why am I so apathetic about it? To be frank, I don't know. I just feel there are better bags out there, and more still to come. I'd rather be patient and wait for the right bag. However, that's just me. I know many of you will love this satchel (and the hobo is even better). The price is pretty fab, too. All I'm saying is that the Fendi Unzipped Satchel is a good buy, just not a great one.

Available in cork or black leather for $1100 via

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Budget-Buster Limited Edition Louis Vuitton New Age Traveler Backpack


I'm now convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that Marc Jacobs es un tipo loco!!! (translation: MJ is one crazy dude). Back when I saw this hideous backpack sashay down the runway during Louis Vuitton's Spring 2010 show, I knew it was a sorry excuse for a bag what with its poor croc top flap sharing space with monogram canvas, tassels, fringe and miniature phone cords (yes, you read that correctly). What I didn't know was just how loco Marc Jacobs really is. I mean, you'd have to be absolutely insane to think this atrocious thing is actually worth its $54,500 price tag. That's right, folks. The Louis Vuitton New Age Traveler Backpack costs more than your average Mercedes-Benz, more than a down payment on a new home and more than what most Americans make in one year. When times are tough and I feel like taking a nice long Calgon bath, I'll think about this bag and smile to myself with the knowledge that at least I'm not as bonkers as poor Marc.

P.S. - As if the bag itself weren't heinous enough, MJ added a ring on the bottom of the pack so one could attach one of those furry tails he's so enamored with (please insert the sound of me hurling right about here).


BCBG Max Azria Fall 2010 Collection: The Epitome of "Ready To Wear"

BCBG Max Azria Fall 2010 Collection

How does one take a muted and understated palette, combine it with color-blocked patterns and geometric cuts and end up with a totally wearable clothing collection? Just ask Max and Lubov Azria. This duo knows how to make women look and feel like ladies and now they're focusing on easing a woman's daily grind. What do I wear? Will it only look good here or there? Is it something I can wear year-round? These are all questions we ask ourselves, and BCBG provides a united, cohesive answer with its fall 2010 collection.

If you inspect these looks closely, you'll realize how wearable they are. Not to mention that BCBG is among the more affordable RTW labels around. This collection will work for a wide range of women. From the hip 20 somethings that can jazz up a dress with clunky heels and lots of jewelry to us 30 somethings who'll more than likely keep our looks pared down with classic heels and a bracelet here or there, BCBG's fall collection offers something for all of us.

BCBG Max Azria Fall 2010 Collection

There wasn't an emphasis on accessories as in past collections. Only a few over-sized clutches were thrown in here and there. They're simple and look pretty functional, but certainly nothing to get excited about. If you look at the video I've included, you'll notice all the models are wearing the exact same shoes. Talk about driving a point home, right? Max and Ludov want to demonstrate to all of the fashion world that a collection can be practical and pretty even if you only have one pair of shoes to wear. It's recession designing at its finest.

Photo source:

Prada Saffiano Lux Bowler

Prada Saffiano Lux Bowler

It's been quite some time since I featured a Prada bag on Señora Cartera. It wasn't an intentional omission since I happen to like Prada's classic bags (as do many women in Miami). I suppose with so many other bags flooding the market, Prada took a back seat on my radar. Then I checked out their spring collection and noticed quite a few styles I wouldn't mind getting my hands on.

The Saffinao Lux Bowler immediately caught my eye. The bowler shape is a practical choice for a hand-held bag. It's stylish and roomy and works in any color or finish. Prada's take on this classic style involves giving the design a more severe shape than that of a similar design like the Louis Vuitton Alma. Small details like the dangling key on the front and the obvious lack of Prada's signature inverted triangle logo plaque are what set this bag apart from other similar styles. If the name "Prada" weren't in the title of this post, would you have known this was one of their designs? Probably not. It's worth mentioning that the colors they chose are evidence of how the global recession is affecting the luxury handbag market. It's best to keep classic designs in safe colors, like red and black, so as to attract higher sales numbers. Pricing is also important to keep in mind nowadays, especially with all the credit card changes going into effect later this month. The Prada Saffiano Lux Bowler is $1390 - a great price for a bag you'll use for many years to come. I'll definitely be looking out for Prada bags from now on.

Pre-order  the Prada Saffiano Lux Bowler via

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fashion Designer Alexander McQueen Dead at 40

Alexander McQueen's final show

The fashion world, and the world in general, has lost a brilliant creative spirit today. Designer Alexander McQueen was found dead at his London home today. He was 40 years old.

Our condolences to his family, friends and the millions of fans his genius garnered over the years. We are saddened beyond words at the news of his passing. You'll be missed. God bless you.

Photo source:

Edited: 02/12/10

A Few of My Favorite Things: All-Time Favorite Bags Edition

Back in December, I began a series of personal posts entitled "A Few Of My Favorite Things" with the goal of sharing with my readers the things that I love. From my obsession with reality shows to a penchant for Hershey chocolate bars to my favorite person and all of her favorite things, I've provided a glimpse into what Señora Cartera favors. Now I'm closing out this series by sharing my all-time favorite bags with you.

When Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie Bradshaw made the Fendi Baguette the "it" bag to have, I loved it and had to have one. Back then, I was single and favored smaller bags. The 'Baguette' was the perfect companion. I had quite a few, but, sadly, ended up selling them all to fund my next bag obsession.

My Favorite Bags

This leads me to the Balenciaga City Bag. I've bought many of them as well, but only sold away a few. For me, the 'City' provides the look and feel I prefer to use on a daily basis. I can bang up my City bags without worrying because the quality of the goatskin leather on these designs is beyond comparison. I love that I can have the same bag, but switch things up with different colors. It's change done in small doses, and that's how I like my bags to evolve.

Now that you're familiar with my past and present bag obsessions, it's time to know what I hope lies waiting for me in my future. While the handbag loving world fawns over the Hermés Birkin, I long for a sweet, demure Kelly Bag. Even though a croc Kelly is pictured here, my heart desires an Hermés 32 cm black lizard Kelly. This bag is the epitome of timeless sophistication. I want to grow old with that bag. I want to attend my son's weddings carrying that bag, and I'd want to be buried with it. If I'm lucky enough to go to heaven, then I want my black lizard Kelly bag with me for eternity.  My hubby promised I could get one on our 10th wedding anniversary. Only four more years to go.

There you have it, folks. I hope you've enjoyed learning a few things about me from knowing what my favorite things are. I'd love to know what your all-time favorite bags are. Please feel free to share!
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